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Title:A Simpler Proof Theory for Nominal Logic
Authors: James Cheney
Date:Apr 2005
Publication Title:Proc. FOSSACS 2005
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Nominal logic is a variant of first-order logic equipped with a freshname quantifier $\new$ and other features useful for reasoning about languages with bound names. Its original presentation was as a Hilbert axiomatic theory, but several attempts have been made to provide more convenient Gentzen-style sequent or natural deduction calculi for nominal logic. Unfortunately, the rules for $\new$ in these calculi involve complicated side-conditions, so using and proving properties of these calculi is difficult. This paper presents an improved sequent calculus $\NLseq$ for nominal logic. Basic results such as cut-elimination and conservativity with respect to nominal logic are proved. Also, $\NLseq$ is used to solve an open problem, namely relating nominal logics N-quantifier and the self-dual $\nabla$- quantifier of Miller and Tius $FO\lambda\nabla$.
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