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Title:Amodal Volume Completion: 3D visual completion
Authors: Toby Breckon ; Robert Fisher
Date:Sep 2005
Publication Title:Amodal Volume Completion
Publisher:Elsevier Academic Press
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:99(3) Page Nos:499-526
This work considers the common problem of completing partially visible artifacts within a 3D scene. Human vision abilities to complete such artifacts are well studied within the realms of perceptual psychology. However, the psychological explanations for completion have received only limited application in the domain of 3D computer vision. Here, we examine prior work in this area of computer vision with reference to psychological accounts of completion and identify remaining challenges for future work.
2005 Elsevier Inc.
Under the copyright transfer agreement the author retains the "post a revised personal version of the final text of the article (to reflect changes made in the peer review and editing process) on your personal or institutional website or server, with a link to the journal homepage." Journal homepage:
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