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Title:Intra-sentential Context Effects on the Interpretation of Logical Metonymy
Authors: Mirella Lapata ; Frank Keller ; Christoph Scheepers
Date:Jul 2003
Publication Title:Cognitive Science
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:27(4) Page Nos:649-668
Verbs such as enjoy in the student enjoyed the book exhibit logical metonymy: enjoy is interpreted as enjoy reading. Theoretical work (Pustejovsky 1991, 1995) predicts that this interpretation can be influenced by intra-sentential context, e.g., by the subject of enjoy. In this article, we test this prediction using a completion experiment and find that the interpretation of a metonymic verb is influenced by the semantic role of its subject. We present a Bayesian model that accounts for the interpretation of logical metonymy and achieves a good fit on our experimental data. We show that the parameters of the model can be estimated from completion data or from corpus data.
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