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Title:Axiope tools for data management and data sharing
Authors: Nigel Goddard ; Robert Cannon ; Fred Howell
Date: 2003
Publication Title:Neuroinformatics
Publisher:Humana Press
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:1(3) Page Nos:271-284
DOI:10.1385/NI:1:3:271 ISBN/ISSN:1539-2791
Many areas of biological research generate large volumes of very diverse data. Managing this data can be a difficult and time-consuming process, particularly in an academic environment where there are very limited resources for IT support staff such as database administrators. The most economical and efficient solutions are those that enable scientists with minimal IT expertise to control and operate their own desktop systems. Axiope provides one such solution, Catalyzer, which acts as flexible cataloging system for creating structured records describing digital resources. The user is able specify both the content and structure of the information included in the catalog. Information and resources can be shared by a variety of means, including automatically generated sets of web pages. Federation and integration of this information, where needed, is handled by Axiope's Mercat server. Where there is a need for standardization or compatibility of the structures used by different researchers this can be achieved later by applying user-defined mappings in Mercat. In this way, large-scale data sharing can be achieved without imposing unnecessary constraints or interfering with the way in which individual scientists choose to record and catalog their work. We summarize the key technical issues involved in scientific data management and data sharing, describe the main features and functionality of Axiope Catalyzer and Axiope Mercat, and discuss future directions and requirements for an information infrastructure to support large-scale data sharing and scientific collaboration.
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