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Title:Knowledge-based phylogenetic classification mining
Authors: I. Bichindaritz ; Stephen Potter
Date: 2004
Publication Title:Advances in Data Mining
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
Volume No:3275 Page Nos:163-172
Phylsyst is an intelligent system that mines phylogenetic classifications. Its idea stems from the work of phylogeneticists of the Socit Franaise de Systmatique and proposes to test an innovative method for inferring phylogenetic classifications. The main idea in Phylsyst is to represent the reasoning of an expert phylogeneticist constructing a cladogram following Hennig principles. Several methods of artificial intelligence concur to Phylsysts efficient implementation of a phylogeneticist expert reasoning, the main one being data mining. Although phylogenetic tree mining has been little addressed in the data mining community, we hypothesize that this community has much to contribute to the worldwide efforts worldwide to Assemble the Tree Of Life. Phylsyst is such an attempt, and has been successfully distributed worldwide as a digital supplement to a special issue of Biosystema journal.
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