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Title:Shape Reconstruction Incorporating Multiple Non-linear Geometric Constraints
Authors: Naoufel Werghi ; Robert Fisher ; Anthony Ashbrook ; Craig Robertson
Date:Jun 2004
Publication Title:Constraints
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:7(2) Page Nos:117-149
This paper deals with the reconstruction of 3D geometric shapes based on observed noisy 3D measurements and multiple coupled non-linear shape constraints. Here a shape could be a complete object, a portion of an object, a part of a building, etc. The paper suggests a general incremental framework whereby constraints can be added and integrated in the model reconstruction process, resulting in an optimal trade-off between minimization of the shape fitting error and the constraint tolerances. After defining sets of main constraints for objects containing planar and quadratic surfaces, the paper shows that our scheme is well behaved and the approach is valid through application on different real parts. This work is the first to give such a large framework for the integration of numerical geometric relationships in object modelling from range data. The technique is expected to have great impact in reverse engineering applications and manufactured object modelling where the majority of parts are designed with intended feature relationships.
2004 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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