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Title:Fuzzy rrDFCSP and planning
Authors: Ian Miguel ; Qiang Shen
Date:Jan 2003
Publication Title:Artificial Intelligence
Publication Type:Journal Article
Constraint satisfaction is a fundamental Artificial Intelligence technique for knowledge representation and inference. However, the formulation of a static constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) with hard, imperative constraints is insufficient to model many real problems. Fuzzy constraint satisfaction provides a more graded viewpoint. Priorities and preferences are placed on individual constraints and aggregated via fuzzy conjunction to obtain a satisfaction degree for a solution to the problem. This paper examines methods for solving an important instance of dynamic flexible constraint satisfaction (DFCSP) combining fuzzy CSP and restriction/relaxation based dynamic CSP: fuzzy rrDFCSP. This allows the modelling of complex situations where both the set of constraints may change over time and there is flexibility inherent in the definition of the problem. This paper also presents a means by which classical planning can be extended via fuzzy sets to enable flexible goals and preferences to be placed on the use of planning operators. A range of plans can be produced, trading compromises made versus the length of the plan. The flexible planning operators are close in definition to fuzzy constraints. Hence, through a hierarchical decomposition of the planning graph, the work shows how flexible planning reduces to the solution of a set of fuzzy rrDFCSPs.
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