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Title:Dynamic Ontology Refinement
Authors: Fiona McNeill ; Alan Bundy ; Marco Schorlemmer
Date:Jun 2003
Publication Title:Procs of workshop on Plan Execution at ICAPS '03
Publication Type:Conference Paper
One of the main reasons why plan execution meets with failure is because the environment in which the plan is being executed does not conform to an agent's expectations of how it will behave. If an agent is forming and attempting to execute plans in a given domain, these plans will be based on the agent's understanding of the domain, described in its ontology. Errors in this ontology are likely to lead to plans that are not executable. We propose to address this problem by dynamically refining the ontology as execution failure occurs and replanning using this updated ontology, thus creating more robust plans that are more likely to be executable.
2003 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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