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Title:Proof-planning Non-standard Analysis (ii)
Authors: Ewen Maclean ; Jacques Fleuriot ; Alan Smaill
Date:Mar 2002
Publication Title:Annals of AI+MATH 2002
This paper presents work done on automating the construction of proofs in mathematical analysis. We present a proof of the Intermediate Value Theorem, using both induction and non-standard analysis within the framework of proof-planning. We first give an overview of proof-planning and rippling, a heuristic guidance for rewriting. We explain in general terms some of the important concepts used in non-standard analysis, and the motivation behind our approach. The proofs themselves all use a combination of induction and non-standard analysis, which we show are techniques well suited to proof-planning. The central idea of the work is to use proof-planning to automate the construction of plans for the proofs of the non-trivial theorems we present. The specific mathematical technique that we employ is one of infinite approximation.
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