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Title:A Web-based Decision Support System for Divorce Lawyers
Authors: Scott Duguid ; Lillian Edwards ; John Kingston
Date:Nov 2001
Publication Title:International Journal of Law, Computers & Technology
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:15(3) Page Nos:265-280
A group of researchers from the EPSRC-sponsored Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) project had independently developed four different ontologies covering the same domain: scientific knowledge management (academics, papers, conferences, etc). A reference ontology was developed to allow communication between these four ontologies. It was proposed that the reference ontology would benefit from incorporating the top level of the OntoClean ontology (Gangemi et al, 1998) because of the meta-properties that this ontology uses to support ontology structuring decisions. A merged ontology structure is proposed and the issues that arise in the merging process are analysed and discussed.
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