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Title:The Control of Dynamical Systems by Evolved Constraints: A New Perspective on Modelling Life
Authors: Timothy Taylor
Date:Sep 2002
Publication Title:Artificial Life 8 conference
Publication Type:Conference Paper
It is argued that a fruitful, and as yet unexplored, avenue for artificial life research lies in modelling organisms as organisations embedded within a dynamical system environment. From this perspective, the origin and evolution of life is the progressive control of the dynamical system at a local level by constraints which are represented on an organism's genome. Such an approach shifts the focus of artificial life models away from the design of individuals, towards the interaction of an individual with its dynamic environment. It also admits no representational distinction between organism and environment. An evolutionary cellular automata system, called EvoCA, is introduced as a tool to explore these ideas. In EvoCA, an evolved individual is a collection of constraints on the state of specific cells in the CA. Results are presented of initial experiments to investigate the interaction of evolution with the dynamics of EvoCA under various regimes (as characterised by Langton's lambda parameter) and to study different ways of specifying constraints (i.e. timed and conditional genes). It is suggested that, for future experiments, it may be productive to allow evolution more opportunity to exploit the given dynamics of the environment, by using natural selection methods, rather than trying to force it in a particular direction using the artificial selection methods of genetic algorithms. A variety of planned future experiments are discussed.
2002 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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