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Title:Estimation of General Curves and Surfaces to Edge and Range Data by Euclidean Fitting
Authors: Petko Faber ; Robert Fisher
Date:Aug 2002
The ability to construct CAD or other object models from edge and range data has a fundamental meaning in building a recognition and positioning system. While the problem of model fitting has been successfully addressed, the problem of efficient high accuracy and stability of the fitting is still an open problem. This paper addresses the problem of estimation of general curves and surfaces to edge and range data by a constrained Euclidean fitting. We study and compare the performance of various fitting algorithms in terms of efficiency, correctness, robustness and pose invariance, and present our results improving the known fitting methods by an (iterative) estimation of the real Euclidean distance.
2002 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
The author and the University of Edinburgh retain the right to reproduce and publish this paper for non-commercial purposes. Permission is granted for this report to be reproduced by others for non-commercial purposes as long as this copyright notice is reprinted in full in any reproduction. Applications to make other use of the material should be addressed in the final instance to Copyright Permissions, Division of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh, 80 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1HN, Scotland.
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