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Authors: Michael Fourman
Date:Jul 2002
Publication Title:International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science (second edition) Ed. by John Feather & Paul Sturges
Publication Type:Other Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:237-244
This article is an extended entry in the Routledge International Enclopedia of Information and Library Science. It gives an account of the origins and meaning of the word `informatics', and attempts to give some hint of the scientific depth, intellectual scope, and social importance of the subject, using examples relevant to the intended audience of this encyclopedia.
2002 by Routledge
The author and the University of Edinburgh retain the right to reproduce and publish this paper for non-commercial purposes. Permission is granted for this report to be reproduced by others for non-commercial purposes as long as this copyright notice and the reference to the Encyclopedia are reprinted in full in any reproduction. Applications to make other use of the material should be addressed in the first instance to Routledge Ltd of 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE
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