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Title:I-P2 - Intelligent Process Panels to Support Coalition Operations
Authors: Austin Tate ; Jeffrey Dalton ; Justine Stader
Date:Apr 2002
Publication Title:Procs of KSCO-2002
I-X is a research programme with a number of different aspects intended to create a well-founded approach to allow humans and computer systems to cooperate in the creation or modification of some product or products such as documents, plans or designs. I-X may also be used to support more general collaborative activity. The I-X research draws on earlier work on O-Plan (Tate, 1998; Tate, 2000; Tate, 2002), <I-N-OVA> (Tate, 1996), the Enterprise Project (Fraser and Tate, 1995; Stader, 1996); Uschold,, 1998) and the TBPM project (Stader, 2000) but seeks to make the framework generic and to clarify terminology, simplify the approach taken, and increase re-usability and applicability of the core ideas. I-X Applications are being studied in a variety of areas. These currently include: Coalition Operations (CoAX: I-LEED, I-DEEL); Emergency and Unusual Procedure Assistance (I-Rescue); Help Desk Support (I-Help); Multi-Perspective Knowledge Modelling and Management (I-AKT) Contextualised Presentations of Procedures and Plans (I-Tell); Collaborative Meeting and Task Support (I-Room, I-Space) An application of I-X Process Panels within a military Coalition context - part of the Coalition Agents eXperiment - CoAX (Allsopp, 2001; Allsopp, 2002) will be described in this paper.
2002 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
The sponsors of this research and the University of Edinburgh are authorised to reproduce and distribute reprints for their purposes notwithstanding any copyright annotation hereon. The views and conclusions contained herein are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing official policies or endorsements, either express or implied, of the research sponsors or the University of Edinburgh.
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