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Title:A Computer Based Application for Ship Survey Reporting
Authors: John Kingston ; Manolis Sideris ; Nikos Parthenios ; Nicholas Kyrtatos
Date:Sep 1999
Publication Title:New Review of Applied Expert Systems
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:5
This paper describes the development of the VESSELL system, which was developed by Oceanking Maritime, a Greek shipping company. The system was designed to enable the electronic filing of ship surveys, with significant levels of knowledge-based reasoning to assist the user in selecting and costing appropriate paint treatments. VESSELL is modular in construction, in order to permit the examination and reporting of different types of ships. Each ship is modelled as a collection of basic functional units. At the time when this application was being considered, Oceanking was considering improving software engineering practices by using software development methodologies. The usefulness of CommonKADS, which is a methodology for KBS development, was evaluated during the development of this system. CommonKADS supplies modelling techniques to represent acquired knowledge from multiple perspectives, thus documenting knowledge in a modular fashion which is suitable for analysis and re-use. CommonKADS modelling techniques were applied to one module of VESSELL which supports the assessment of paint quality on ships. The experiment helped Oceanking to improve their project management procedures; on the other hand, the use of CommonKADS modelling techniques added substantial overhead to a small scale project. The modelling techniques appeared to be more useful for constructing knowledge based systems which acted in an "expert advisor" role than knowledge based systems which acted in a "decision support" role.
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