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Title:TPHOLs 2001: Supplemental Proceedings
Authors: Paul Jackson ; Richard Boulton
Date:Sep 2001
This report is the supplemental proceedings of the "14th International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics" (TPHOLs 2001) held 3--6 September 2001 in Edinburgh, Scotland. In keeping with tradition, TPHOLs 2001 offers this venue for the presentation of work in progress, where researchers invite discussion by means of brief preliminary talk and then discuss their work at a poster session. The TPHOLs conference covers all aspects of theorem proving in higher order logics, as well as related topics in theorem proving and verification.
2001 by the Contributing Authors and the University of Edinburgh
The front and back matter of this report is copyright of the University of Edinburgh, Division of Informatics. The copyright of the individual articles in this report is the property of their respective authors. The University of Edinburgh retains the right to reproduce and publish this report for non-commercial purposes. Permission is granted for this report to be reproduced by others for non-commercial purposes as long as this copyright notice is reprinted in full in any reproduction. Applications to make other use of the report should be addressed in the first instance to Copyright Permissions, Division of Informatics.
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