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Title:Assessing Creativity
Authors: Graeme Ritchie
Date:Apr 2001
Publication Title:Proceedings of the AISB Symposium on AI and Creativity in Arts and Science
Publication Type:Conference Paper
In exploring the question of whether a computer program is behaving creatively, it is important to be explicit, and if possible formal, about the criteria that are being applied in making judgements of creativity. We propose a formal (and rather simplified) outline of the relevant attributes of a potentially creative program. Based on this, we posit a number of formal criteria that could be applied to rate the extent to which the program has behaved creatively. A guiding principle is that the question of what computational mechanisms might lead to creative behaviour is open and empirical, and hence we should clearly distinguish between judgements about creative achievements and theoretical proposals about potentially creative mechanisms. The intention is to focus, clarify and make more concrete the debate about creative programs.
2001 by Graeme Ritchie, The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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