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Title:Knowledge Based Multi-Perspective Framework For Enterprise Modelling
Authors: Jessica Chen-Burger
Date:Feb 2001
Publication Title:AAAI's IAAI

Multi-perspective modelling (MPM) techniques allow the presentation and analysis of complex organisational knowledge from different points of view, thus allowing the knowledge to be used for different purposes. This paper describes the multi-perspective modelling approach that has been adopted as a part of the Air Operation Enterprise Modelling (AOEM) project. Three models have been developed: a Business Model to describe the concepts and processes that are used in the context of air operations, a Role Activity and Communication Model to identify actors involved and the operations and interactions between them, and a Meta-Model to provide a taxonomic structure to capture all concepts that are important to the air operation. To assist the Multi-Perspective modelling efforts, a framework has been proposed which uses Meta-Model as a light-weight ontology to provide communication of domain knowledge between models. An underlying formal method provides the basis for the automation of communication and translation and error-checking support along side human efforts. We also demonstrate how the light-weight ontology Meta-Model can be used as a foundation to provide partial quality assurance of multiple models. We suggest that the MPM approach is valuable in representing, understanding and analysing a complex domain, but that much automated support is still needed.

2001 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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