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Title:A Higher-Order Embedding of a Logic of Objects
Authors: Martin Hofmann ; Francis Tang
Date:Jan 2001
We present an implementation of a program logic of objects, extending that (AL) of Abadi and Leino. In particular, the implementation uses higher-order abstract syntax (HOAS) and---unlike previous approaches using HOAS---at the same time uses the built-in higher-order logic of the theorem prover to formulate specifications. We give examples of verifications, extending those given in [1], that have been attempted with the implementation. Due to the mixing of HOAS and built-in logic the soundness of the encoding is nontrivial. In particular, unlike in other HOAS encodings of program logics, it is not possible to directly reduce normal proofs in the higher-order system to proofs in the first-order object logic. Instead, we prove soundness directly by first giving an interpretation the higher-order logic.
2001 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
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