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Title:A Case-Based Reasoning Framework for Enterprise Model Building, Sharing and Reusing
Authors: Jessica Chen-Burger ; Dave Robertson ; Justine Stader
Date:Jun 2000
Publication Title:ECAI'2000
Enterprise model development is essentially a labour-intensive exercise. Human experts depend heavily on prior experience when they are building new models making it a natural domain to apply Case Based Reasoning techniques. Through the provision of model building knowledge, automatic testing and design guidance can be provided by rule-based facilities. Exploring these opportunities requires us not only to determine which forms of knowledge are generic and therefore re-usable, but also how this knowledge can be used to provide useful model building support. This paper presents our experiences in identifying and classifying the knowledge which exists in IBM's BSDM Business Models and applying AI techniques, CBR and Rule-Based reasoning together with a symbolic simulator, to provide more complete support throughout the enterprise model development life cycle.
2000 by The University of Edinburgh. All Rights Reserved
Submitted to ECAI'2000 June, Berlin.
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