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John Longley

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Report Date Title
EDI-INF-RR-1420 Feb 2015 Bar recursion is not T+min definable
EDI-INF-RR-1283 Aug 2008 Definition of the Lingay programming language (Version 0.2)
EDI-INF-RR-0748 Sep 2004 Reasoning about CBV functional programs in Isabelle/HOL
EDI-INF-RR-0578 2003 Universal types and what they are good for
EDI-INF-RR-0577 2005 On the ubiquity of certain total type structures
EDI-INF-RR-0576 2005 Notions of computability at higher types I
EDI-INF-RR-0575 2002 The sequentially realizable functionals

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