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John Levine

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EDI-INF-RR-0366 2003 Task Achieving Agents on the World Wide Web
EDI-INF-RR-0174 Sep 2002 Skill-based Resource Allocation using Genetic Algorithms and an Ontology
EDI-INF-RR-0112 Jul 1999 O-P3: Supporting the Planning Process using Open Planning Process Panels
EDI-INF-RR-0111 Apr 1999 Multi-Perspective Planning - Using Domain Constraints to Support the Coordinated Development of Plans
EDI-INF-RR-0106 Dec 2000 Limited Media Interface for AI Planning System
EDI-INF-RR-0105 Dec 2000 Applying Genetic Algorithms to Hierarchical Task Network Planning
EDI-INF-RR-0104 Dec 2000 "GenPlan": Combining Genetic Programming and Planning
EDI-INF-RR-0103 Feb 2001 Applying adversarial planning techniques to Go
EDI-INF-RR-0102 Apr 2001 Investigation of Different Seeding Strategies in a Genetic Planner
EDI-INF-RR-0101 Apr 2002 Ant Colony Optimisation for Bin Packing and Cutting Stock Problems
EDI-INF-RR-0100 Sep 2001 Optimising Plans using Genetic Programming
EDI-INF-RR-0006 Dec 1999 Using AI Planning Techniques for Army Small Unit Operations

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