Informatics Jamboree 2004 Poster Competition

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The Winners

1st Prize: Byron Choi (PhD, LFCS)
2nd Prize: Daniel Winterstein (PhD, CISA)
Joint 3rd Prize: Martin Guthrie (PhD, ANC)
Joint 3rd Prize: Catherine Canevet (MSc)

Judge Panel:

David Aspinall
Alan Bundy
Bonnie Webber
Richard Wheeler

Research Students:
3D Shape and Texture Completion: Combining geometric shape completion and 3D non-parametric sampling.  Toby Breckon.
Vectorising and Querying large XML Repositories: Can XML query language be as effective as SQL?  Byron Choi. 1st Prize
Agent Protocols and their Relation with Ontologies.  Manuel J. Contreras Maya.
The Use of Data Mining for the Automatic Formation of Tactics.  Hazel Duncan.
Structured Parallelism on Computational Grids: APTO (Adaptive Performance Techniques for Optimisation.  Horacio Gonzales-Velez.
Control of the Timing of the First Spike from a Medium Spiny Striatal Neuron.  Martin Guthrie. Joint 3rd Prize
Distributed Natural Language Processing: A web services framework for grid - scale NLP applications.  Harry Halpin.
An Approach for Integrating Genomic and Proteomic Expression Data.  Lena Hansson.
Regularity Effect in Naming Chinese Phonetic Compounds with Phonetic Radical on the Left or Right.  Janet Hui-Wen Hsiao.
Does your Code Know What You Know?  DeLesley Hutchins.
Learning from, and about, Discourse Connectives.  Ben Hutchinson.
The Native XML Store that Aimed for the Stars, XQuery Challenge No.2: Finf the Irregularities.  Robert Hutchison.
Publishing and Updating XML with Attribute Transformation Grammars: Not just disposing your data in XML.  Xibei Jia.
Complete Axiomatisation of Modal µ - Calculus.  Natthapong Jungteerapanich.
Learning Goal Directed, Reactive Behaviour: Consistency Networks as a new approach to learning in autonomous agents.  Mykel Kochenderfer.
Deep Types for Impure Functional Languages.  Laura Korte.
Talking About Vision: Computer vision mark up language.  Thor List.
3D Capture and Tracking of Facial Expressions.  Tim Lukins.
Inheritance and the CCG Lexicon.  Mark McConville.
Communicating FIPA ACL Semantics.  Jarred McGinnis.
Dynamic Ontology Refinement.  Fiona McNeill.
Theorem Proving in Computational Geometry.  Laura Meikle.
Planning and Representation of Joint Human - Agent Space Missions.  Clauirton Siebra.
Watched Pot/ Stopped Clock: Perception of temporal continuity in discontinuous moving images.  Tim Smith.
A UCCG Parser: Parsing intonationally annotated text.  Maarika Traat.
Turning Complex Mathematics into Harmless Doodles.  Daniel Winterstein. 2nd Prize

MSc Students:
Towards Automating the Curation Decision for the Nuclear Protein Database (NPD)
.  Catherine Canevet. Joint 3rd(MSc) Prize
Does Context Help?  Using dialogue context to improve parsing performance in dialogue systems.  Ivan Meza-Ruiz.

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