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Service Access


Four copies of the University’s Central Area Travel Plan have been enclosed with the Planning Application.


29 spaces have been provided in the basement of Phase 2. These spaces are private and will either be used by the University or medical staff associated with the Health Centre. Access to the underground car park will be via Marshall Street. This will entail reopening the vehicular access from the junction with Potterrow.

The seven metered car spaces in Crichton Street have been relocated to the north side of the street to assist with the traffic calming by reducing the carriageway width by providing a generous pavement zone.

It is proposed that disabled parking spaces will be provided in accordance with need. The basement offers a flexible solution and spaces can be provided here. There is scope to provide spaces on street in two bays on Crichton Street.

A meeting was held with City of Edinburgh Council on 27 July 2004 to discuss any requirements that the Council may have for public car park provision. It was agreed that Buro Happold Transport will conduct a parking survey once term commences and this will assist all parties to get an up to date picture of the area to provide the basis of an agreement regarding any public car parking provision.

Service Access

The University has a compactor in Charles Street Lane and therefore waste will be manually removed every day from the Potterrow Development to the compactor where it will be taken away by waste vehicles.

Service access to Phase 1 will be a dedicated lay by in Crichton Street. Phase 2 will have a similar lay by in Marshall Street. The regular servicing requirement for the development is not onerous. It is envisaged that most servicing will be undertaken by smaller vehicles. When large deliveries are expected, special provision will be made.

Taxi drop off is provided in Crichton Street and Marshall Street.

Emergency vehicle access will be required along Crichton Street, Charles Street, Marshall Street and Potterrow.


70 Sheffield type covered cycle racks have been located in Crichton Street to serve the anticipated occupants of Phase 1. There are also shower facilities within Phase 1.

It is anticipated that Phase 2 cycle racks will be in the basement. The number of spaces provided will be in accordance with City of Edinburgh Council standards when the final occupancy of Phase 2 is established.


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