Appraisal and RAE 2008

We plan to use the staff appraisal process to assist with our preparations for RAE 2008. The idea is that, in addition to the normal appraisal, the nominated RAE research outputs and esteem indicators will be discussed. In particular, the appraisal should investigate whether these can be strengthened in the time remaining until the census date (31.12.07 for research outputs; 31.10.07 for esteem indicators). We have checked with Human Resources, who confirm that this is an appropriate use of the appraisal mechanism.

In preparation for RAE 2008, we are collecting various pieces of information relevant to Category A staff: their nominated research outputs, their esteem indicators, any research grants they hold, etc. The information relevant to each appraisee is collected on a web page. Both appraiser and apprasisee will be given access to the appraisee's web page before the appraisal. Here are some of the questions we would like you to address at the appraisal:

Please include your responses to these and any other RAE-related issues with your appraisal report.

Tips on Improving our RAE Case

Appraisees can improve the quality of their research outputs and esteem indicators by folowing the guidelines below. Incidently, following these tips will not only improve the School's RAE case, but will also improve appraisees' CVs and, hence, their chances of appointment and promotion.

Alan Bundy
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