Here are some videos of me doing these past exam paper questions. Note that I did not have access to the mark scheme in doing these; it is conceivable that they contain mistakes other than the ones noted below, so feel free to tell me/ask about any you spot. Note also that there is always more than onen way to get full marks.

Summer 2010 Question 2

Part (a). I misspoke and said "underlined" where I meant "italicised" at one point. Note also that I made a mistake in this part which I caught in doing the next part - see next video!

Parts (b):

Part (c). I misspoke and said "in parallel" when I meant "in sequence", near the end. Also the video ends part way through the last sentence when my camera ran out of memory - it should say "because no info about paying in Q" or similar.

Summer 2010 Question 3

Part (a)

Part (b)

A question about this came up at a tutorial. Strictly speaking, in today's UML, the way this video treats some of its transitions isn't quite correct. For the 2015 exams, however, it would be acceptable. Here are the gory details for anyone interested or bothered.

Part (c)

Resit 2009 Question 2

Part (a): I misspoke and said "attribute" where I meant "argument" in filling methods of Dispenser. Note also that get should be private, or better still renamed.

Part (b). This video shows me dithering slightly about whether the drinks can object gets newly created or found from somewhere; sorry about that.

Part (c)

Resit 2010 Question 2

Parts (a) and (b)

Part (c)

Part (d)

Couple of points I noticed afterwards:

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