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This page links to the slides, videos, tutorial sheets etc. used this year. Note that since some lecture slots are used for problems and discussion, not all slots have slides.

You may want to consult Previous years' pages for additional material.

Week Date Topic Videos Readings Sheet for next week's tutorial
1 18/09/12


Slides, handout.

Slides, handout

If you need a reminder: Use cases.
Everyone: Class diagrams; Sequence diagrams.
Revise Requirements from Inf2C-SE.
Martin Fowler's page on three ways of using UML (do follow one level of links).
None (tutorials start Week 3)
2 25/09/12: replaced by invitation to Milner Lecture.



Conceptual modelling
Slides, handout

State diagrams Revise Class diagrams and Interaction diagrams from Inf2C-SE.
Read A laboratory for object-oriented thinking, the original paper on CRC cards
Read something on UML2 sequence diagrams: Ch10 of Using UML if you have it, or this or this but NB messages that cause an activation should go in at the very top of the activation bar! For exam the fragments I want you to be able to use are loop, alt and opt.
Basic class and sequence diagrams Answers
3 2/10/12


No slides: problem sessions Activity diagrams
More on class diagrams
Revise Design from Inf2C-SE.
Read Scott Ambler's article on conceptual class modelling. Read Doug Rosenberg's article Successful Robustness Analysis.
Conceptual modelling Notes
4 9/10/12


No slides: problem sessions.
Brief notes on what was covered in the Tuesday session on activity diagrams
Brief notes on what was covered in the Friday session on the Borg Calendar case study
None Read blog post Five Reasons Developers Don't Use UML and Six Reasons to Use It

Read something on state diagrams, e.g.

  • Robert C. Martin's article, stopping (if you wish) at Implementing State Machines on p5. NB states are drawn in slightly the wrong shape.
  • and/or Chs 11 and 12 of Using UML (but NB this doesn't cover history nodes).
State diagrams
5 16/10/12


Design principles (including patterns)

Slides, handout (covering both slots).

None Read The Four Elements of Simple Design - browse the comments too!
Read Robert Martin's article on dependency inversion
Activity diagrams
6 23/10/12

26/10/12 replaced by online lecture

More on patterns
Slides, handout.

API design
Joshua Bloch's slides (slightly different from the ones used in the video)

How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters, lecture by Joshua Bloch Read Derick Bailey's article on SOLID design
Browse and google as necessary to grok the patterns.
Problem sheets: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
No notes.
7 30/10/12


Contracts and OCL
Slides, handout (covering both sessions).

None Read Chapter 7 of the OCL Specification but see here for some parts you can leave out.
8 6/11/12


Model-driven development
Slides, handout.

Slides, handout.

None Read this essay on Agile MDD
Optional: Model-driven Development of Complex Software: A Research Roadmap by Robert France, Bernhard Rumpe.
Extension exercises refer to the UML Specification but on no account print or read all of this!
9 We had a final informal session revising patterns. There was no new material. None None Exam questions, referring in to past exam papers.

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