Sprint week


The aim of this week is to get a headstart on SDP. Note that the work you put in this week is not meant to be in addition to the total hours for SDP expected through the semester. Rather, it is a chance to put in concentrated work now, without the usual distractions of other courses, so that the work remaining for SDP for the rest of the semester should be manageable, relative to the time needed for your other courses.

Day 1: Opening session

All students should attend this event, on Monday 15th January, from 13:30 to 16:00, in G.07 Informatics Forum. There will be:
  1. Introduction to aims of the course and the resources
  2. Getting to know your group, mentor and client
  3. Brainstorming

Day 2: Kit handout

Day 3: Lectures and workshops

Day 4: Refine ideas and prepare pitch

Day 5: Present your pitch

Each group will present a two minute pitch to the whole class, outlining the system they plan to build. There will be a debriefing from their client.

Note that one approach you might want to adopt for planning the project is Agile programming, in which you define the tasks to be done in the form of 'stories':

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