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28 March 2016

The System Design Project is a Semester 2 module and is a group project involving construction of an item of significant complexity under conditions designed to give insights into industrial teamwork.

It is a double-weight module (course) with design, construction and assessment through the semester, ending with a tournament.

The Project

This year's task is to use Lego and an Arduino to play two-a-side football, based loosely on the Robocup competition small size league.

Details for the course, the project, marking, etc. can found in the course guide. You'll receive email whenever this is updated.

The Facilities

The course is based on the 3rd floor of Forrest Hill. There are two pitches, in 3.D03 and 3.D04. 3.D02 is the main working lab, with dedicated DICE machines and group lockers for storing robots etc., and 3.D02A (small room at the back of 3.D02) is the parts store room.

The System Design team



Here is the list of groups for this year



  1. 27 January: MS1 details
  2. 10 February: MS2 details
  3. 2 March: MS3 details

Communication Skills—resources


The final report consists of a User Guide and a Technical Specification. Please see these guidelines on what is expected in your reports.

Further Information

The SDP wiki ( is where you will find a wide range of useful and important links relating to the hardware and software aspects of the course.

In particular, the code for each year since 2011, as well as some reports from those years, is linked from the wiki.

Official notifications about course activities from the course team will be sent by email, using the sdp-students mailing list. Questions can be raised on that list. You are welcome to use other means of communication among yourselves, but they will of course have no official standing.

Feedback on the course

Feedback is always welcome and Informatics provides a central online feedback form (or you can mail the course leader, your mentor, or the class rep.) Have your say!

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