User Guide

The user guide for your group should be between 4 and 6 pages long. It is intended to provide information on the design and implementation of your robot which will be useful to anyone who wants to use your system.

The document should be targeted towards somebody at the level of a first year CS student, and should let this person fully understand how to take your code and your robot and get it to demonstrate what it is capable of. It should include:

You are encouraged to include diagrams and tables in your report in order to make things clear, rather than just use textual descriptions. Reports may contain appendices beyond the strict page limits but markers are not required to read these appendices and in any case you are advised to use them sparingly. Large illustrations and references will not count towards the page limits.

The deadline for the user guide is 4pm on Friday 22nd March. This document should be submitted electronically by one group member using the submit command:

submit sdp ug [filename]

where [filename] is the name of your user guide file; the filename must be group-[g]-userguide.pdf, where [g] is the group number.

The report should be submitted by a group member nominated for this purpose, and also emailed to the group mentor and TA at the time of submission.


The user guide will contribute 15% of the marks for the course, and will be marked out of 15.

The marking will be based on the following elements:

You may find it useful to look at this general feedback for previous user guides.

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