Scaling for Individual Contribution

All of the assessment for SDP is done as groups, meaning that it is in every student's interests to engage with and contribute to their group. At the end of the course, it is expected that most students will receive an individual mark for which 90% will be the marks obtained by their group, and 10% from their individual report. However, for cases where a student has notably failed to meet or exceeded expectations, modifications will be made.

Towards the end of SDP, students will be asked to feed back on the contributions of their group members, including themselves. This will not directly factor into final grades, but will be part of the evidence reviewed by the mentor.

Mentors will evaluate, from this feedback and their own observations of the group, if any members of their team contributed decidedly more or less than their colleagues and will propose mark modifications accordingly. Any proposal will have to be justified, and will be reviewed by the course teaching team.

Modifications will be of the form --, -, +, ++ (or "Fail" in the case that the student did little to nothing to engage with the project). How these will translate into final marks is shown below.

Proposed Modification Scaling of the group component of the final mark
++ 120%
+ 110%
No Modification 100%
- 90%
-- 80%
Fail group mark awarded will be <40%

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