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2 December 2016

Please note that details on this page are not yet finalised for 2016/17

The System Design Project is a Semester 2 module and is a group project involving construction of an item of significant complexity under conditions designed to give insights into industrial teamwork.

It is a 20 credit course with design, construction and assessment through the semester, ending with a tournament.

The Project

This year's task is to use Lego and an Arduino to play two-a-side football, based loosely on the Robocup competition small size league.

The rules for our version are here.


The class is assigned to groups of 7 or 8, each responsible for the development of a single robot. Partway through the semester the groups will be paired to form a two-robot-player team. Assessment involves group marks for product (performance and documentation of the robot systems) and individual marks for process (how each team member contributed), see details below.

Each group will have an assigned mentor, with whom they meet around once a week, and who offers advice and monitors progress, but - importantly - does not lead or manage the group. Advice on how the group should organise themselves for good project management will provided. Problems within the group should first be brought to the attention of your mentor; if you have an issue with your mentor, you should bring this to the attention of the SDP TA (see below). List of groups for 2017.


Assessment of the group will be based on the following elements (follow links for further details):

Assessment of the individual contribution will involve an individual statement by each student followed by individual interviews with mentors, and will be applied to scale the group mark.

Timetable 2017

Unless otherwise indicated, events will take place on the two pitches in Forrest Hill, 3.D03 and 3.D04. The lab space 3.D02 is also allocated purely to SDP.

Key information


The System Design Project team

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