Professional Issues Meetings 2012/13

This page should contain notes for all the meetings we have this semester. Most material should be here a day or two before the meeting that discusses it.


  1. Meeting 0: 20 Sept 2012 This is a careers session that covered presentations from the Careers Service and from E-placement Scotland. In addition an action plan, exercise and handout were distributed.
  2. Meeting 1: 24 Sept 2012 This is the orientation meeting for the course. The following material supports the session:
  3. Meeting 2: 1 Oct 2012 In this session we considered the basic organisation of companies in the UK. The homework was to consider Clause 14 of the model articles given below.
  4. Meeting 3: 11 Oct 2012 In this session we consider the financial aspects of organisations.
  5. Meeting 3-continued: 15 Oct 2012 We used this session to cover the remainder of the material on Financial aspects.
  6. Meeting 4: 22 Oct 2012 In this session we consider aspects of the management of projects.
  7. Meeting 5: 29 Oct 2012 In this session we consider consultancy and integrated systems.
    • This is the Accenture presentation we use to consider the activities of consultants and their interaction with large companies and the public sector.
  8. Meeting 6: 5 Nov 2012 In this session we consider intellectual property issues.
  9. Meeting 7: 15 Nov 2012 In this session we completed work on intellectual property and considered the case study sheets.
  10. Meeting 8: 26 Nov 2012 In this session we consider data protection and freedom of information.

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