Neuroinformatics Research Course

Note: these pages are continuously being revised for the 2014 session, please check back often.

Course Details

Course Concept and Aims

The NR course (20 points) is designed specifically for Neuroinformatics DTC students. This is a bespoke course in which students are exposed to a variety of research subjects in Neuroinformatics. Proposal writing skills will be introduced and practised through assignments. Attendance is obligatory. This course counts towards the research component of the MSc.

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Summary of Intended Learning Outcomes:



Each session is from 2-4pm (unless noted otherwise) in room 2.05 at 10 Buccleuch Place.
23 January: Introduction and propsal writing
27 January: Nathalie Rochefort (Centre for Integrative Physiology)
30 January: Guido Sanguinetti (ANC)
03 February: Javier Escudero (Engineering)
06 February: Mark van Rossum (ANC)
10 February: Alexander Thiele (Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle)
13 February: Kia Nazarpour (Electrical Engineering, Newcastle)
24 February: Mark Bastin (Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences)
27 February: Douglas Armstrong (ANC)
06 March: Ian Simpson (BioSS Scotland and ANC)
10 March: Oliver Hardt (Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems)
13 March: Iris Oren (Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems)
17 March: Matthias Hennig (ANC)
20 March: Tara Spires-Jones (Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems)
24 March: Christoph Kayser (Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology Glasgow)
27 March: Barbara Webb (IPAB)
31 March: Ian Duguid (Centre for Integrative Physiology)


The course has four assignments. NR1-3 are short research proposals about a topic presented in one of the lectures (60%, 20% each). NR4 is the proposal for the summer project (40%).

Assignments Deadlines:

Assignments should be submitted or via the DICE submit command, or to the ITO collection box in case of problems with the former.

  1. 14/02/2014, marks returned by 28/02/2014
  2. 14/03/2014 marks returned by 24/03/2014
  3. 07/04/2014 marks returned by 21/04/2014
  4. 28/04/2014 marks returned by 12/05/2014


We will give written feedback on the submitted coursework. We encourage everyone to actively participate and to ask questions whenever they arise. Course staff can always be contacted by email to ask questions and/or arrange a meeting.


Course Organizer: Matthias Hennig
Office hours: Monday 12:00-14:00 in IF 2.31 or arrange a time (preferred).
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