Natural Computing 2011-12 (to be updated before each lecture)

This is a level 9 course taken by 3rd-year undergraduate and MSc students.

Here is the official course descriptor

Lectures are Tuesdays 15:00-15:50 in 7 Bristo Square Lecture Theater 1 and Fridays 15:00-15:50 7 Bristo Square Lecture Theater 1

Lectures have started on Tuesday 20/9/2011.

Schedule (to be updated)

Lecture Date Topic Links
1. 20/09 Introduction (slides)
2. 23/09 Genetic algorithms: Introduction (slides)
3. 27/09 The canonical genetic algorithm (slides)
4. 30/09 The schema theorem (slides)
5. 04/10 The building block hypothesis (slides)
6. 07/10 Hybrid GAs (slides) (GA in the news)
7. 11/10 Multiobjective optimisation, Evolution strategies (slides)
8. 14/10 Differential evolution, Genetic programming (slides)
9. 18/10 Genetic programming II (slides, suppl. 1, 2)
10. 21/10 Ant colony optimisation (slides)
11. 25/10 Ant colony optimisation II (slides)
12. 28/10 Particle swarm optimisation (slides)
13. 01/11 Metaheuristic optimisation (slides)
14. 04/11 Comparison of metaheuristic algorithms (slides)
15. 08/11 DNA computing (slides)
16. 11/11 Molecular computing (slides)
17. 15/11 Membrane computing (slides)
18. 18/11 Brief introduction to quantum computing

Tutorials start in week 3. Sign-up for the tutorial will be possible from week 2. You will receive a note from ITO on how to sign-up. Please contact the lecturer if you have not received this note by the end of week 2.

Tutorials are in weeks 3-9, i.e. starting on Monday 3th October. They are in Appleton Tower (AT). The final tutorial is a revision tutorial given by your tutor before the exam around the end of the Easter vacation or the start of the exam period. Tutorials are

group 1: 16:10-17:00 (AT 4:07)

group 2: 13:05-13:55 (AT 4.14a)

group 3: 12:10-13:00 (AT 4.14a)
group 4: 13:05-13:55 (AT 4:14a)

group 5: 12:10-13:00 (AT 4.14)

Assignments: There are two marked assignments. The first assignment is worth 10% of the course mark. The second assignment is worth 20% of the course mark. The assignments are to be handed in, resp., on 27/10/2011, 4pm and 24/11/2011, 4pm.

Exam: worth 70% of the course mark, taken at the end of Semester 2.
Visiting students can take the exam already at the end of Semester 1.

Further information: Page of the 2009/2010 course on Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming (GAGP)

Lecturer: Michael Herrmann. The best way to contact Michael is to e-mail him from your sms address, including NAT in the subject. He is michael dot herrmann at ed dot ac dot uk.

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