The schedule is preliminary and subject to change.

Last year’s materials are available for reference.

Week Day Plan
Week Day Plan
Week 1 Jan 15 Lecture Introduction

Jan 18 Lecture Neural Network Basics

Week 2 Jan 22 Lecture Probability, language models

Jan 25 Lecture Neural machine translation

Week 3 Jan 29 Lecture Evaluation of machine translation

Feb 01 Lecture Attention models

Week 4 Feb 05 Lecture Open-vocabulary translation

Feb 06 Lab Coursework set-up help. 15.10-16.00, room 4.12, Appleton Tower
Feb 07 Lab Coursework set-up help. 15.10-16.00, room 5.08, Appleton Tower
Feb 08 Lecture Morphology

Week 5 Feb 12 Lecture Learning from monolingual data

Feb 15 Lecture Advanced neural MT architectures

Flexible Learning Week No class.
Week 6 Feb 26 Lecture Learning from multilingual data
Mar 01 Lecture Syntax
Week 7 Mar 05 Lecture Phrase-based and syntax-based statistical MT
Mar 08 TBD
Week 8 Mar 12 Lecture Tidbits and open challenges
Mar 15 Coursework Coursework 1 due at 3pm
Week 9 Mar 19 Reserve.
Week 10 No class.
Week 11 No class.

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