Class Schedule, Lecture Notes and Assignments (Spring 2007)

Note: The course content is continuously modified based on the needs & interests of the class.
Please keep checking this page for updated course material for the week !
Topics Covered
Lecture Notes
Handouts & Homework
Jan 08 (Mo) Linear Algebra : Refresher

Lecture 2

Linear Algebra Notes
Jan 11 (Th) Statistics & Probability Theory: Refresher

Lecture 3

Jan 15 (Mo) Introduction to Sensorimotor Control

Lecture 1

Matlab Primer
Jan 18 (Th) Learning: Regression basics

Lecture 4

Bias Variance handout
Jan 22 (Mo) Learning: Complexity & Model Selection

Lecture 5

Jan 25 (Th) Regression: Linear Methods

Lecture 6

Jan 29 (Mo) Regression: Nonparametric methods

Lecture 7

LWL paper
Feb 01 (Th) Catch up class (no new notes)

Feb 04 (Mo) Dimensionality Reduction 1

Lecture 8

Feb 08 (Th) Catch up class (No new notes)


HW1 (Due on Feb 15th)
Feb 11 (Mo) Dimensionality Reduction 2

Lecture 9

Feb 15 (Th) Learning in High Dimensional Space

Lecture 10

LWPR paper
Feb 19 (Mo) The Distal Learning Problem

Lecture 11

Distal handout
Feb 22 (Th) Catch up class (no new notes)


Feb 26 (Mo) Trajectory Planning 1: ZMP, Virtual Model

Lecture 12

Mar 01 (Th) Dynamical Systems as Movement Policies

Lecture 13

ISRR paper
Mar 04 (Mo) Trajectory Planning 2: Optimization Based

Lecture 14

Motor Learn, TrajPlan papers
Mar 08 (Th) Catch up Class


Mar 12 (Mo) Predictive Control: Kalman & Particle Filters  Lecture 15 Kalman Filter Derivation
Mar 15 (Th) HW2: Paper Presentation and Report due  Group 1
Mar 19(Mo) HW2: Paper Presentation and Report due  Group 2
Mar 22 (Th) No Class HW3,,, P.datann_skeleton.m, frog.m, frog_jac.m