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MLPR lecture log, Autumn 2017

Here is where I will put any scans or recordings from each lecture. If anything is unclear, please refer to the actual class notes. Also, please still take your own notes in class!

Videos take at least an hour to process. They are available in a fancy web interface on “Media Hopper Replay” / “Echo 360” To get there, go to Learn, once you are signed up for the class, and follow the "Media Hopper Replay" link in the sidebar for the class. I won't use Learn for anything else to do with the class.

For those not signed up to the class, I have attempted to deep link to the .mp4 files below. If you watch them in firefox, you can right-click and change the play-back speed. Players like VLC also let you set play-back speed. The links work for me right now, but I don't know how long they will keep working.

PDF scans of what I wrote under the document camera in class, and mp4 videos:

That’s all folks! Have a great winter break.

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