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Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Autumn 2017

Welcome! Machine learning is about developing algorithms that adapt their behaviour to data, to provide useful representations or make predictions. This course is for those wanting to research and develop machine learning methods in future.

Prospective students: Please check that you have the required pre-requisites before taking this course. See the background material and self-test in the class notes.

For lecture recordings see the log section.

Lecturer: Iain Murray
Location: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:10–1pm, Lecture Hall B, DHT Lecture Theatres
Office Hour (likely to change): Tuesdays 4:15pm–, Appleton Tower cafe area.
Special cases: Week 3, 3 Oct, office hour starts 4:45pm. (Check back for more updates.)
Expected lecture dates: 2017-09-18 to 2017-11-23.
Exam diet: December (more info).

Course materials

MLPR catalogue pages: DRPS, Informatics.

Information on auditing the class, or taking it not for credit.

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