Informatics Research Review (IRR)

Introductory lecture:

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All resources for the course can be found on the WIKI


The course is delivered as a sequence of 10 tutorials. Attendance is mandatory.
Weekly tutorials will be held starting week 3 of the semester.
Days and times will be arranged by your tutor. [groups and tutors]

For whom is this course?

Every MSc student should attend this course, except for Advanced Design Informatics students.

Short Description

This course provides students with the opportunity to explore an area of interest in more depth than allowed in a standard taught course. This takes the form of reviews of the literature or research seminars in topics related to the specialism. One of the main aims of this course is to teach students a set of very useful transferrable skills, in particular how to do the following: manage one's time, identify relevant literature to a particular topic, use web and library resources effectively, read a research paper, formulate hypotheses and identify the methods needed to evaluate them, write a detailed and balanced report on a particular topic.

Activities and Outcomes

This course is delivered by TAs, who are normally PhD students. You will be one in a group of about 10 students, all majoring in the same MSc specialisms as you.

Each MSc student must:

Skills to be Developed

The literature survey is designed to help you develop the following skills:

Assignment Deadline

The literature review due date is Jan 15th 2015 at 4pm. Please submit a paper copy of your report to the ITO (Appleton Tower 4.02). In addition, please submit your assignment, in pdf format, using the TurnItIn website:

You will be given written feedback on your assignment in February. This module is a pass/fail one (i.e., you don't get a percentage as a mark). You will know whether you passed it after the Board of Examiner's meeting in June.

Please read the Informatics policy on late submissions and plagiarism.

What is a good literature review?

There are IRR Guidelines as to how one might write a good literature review. There are also IRR Marking Guidelines for how marks will be assigned.

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