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Introduction to Research in Data Science

Autumn 2017

Lecturer: Amos Storkey
TA: Ryan Davies < s1126151 at >
Lectures: Monday, Thursday, 16:10 - 17:00 Room B201, Alison House, 12 Nicolson Square


Welcome! This course has three objectives:

This course is open only to first year students in the CDT in Data Science, for whom it is a required course. We will enforce this requirement strictly. If you are not a member of the CDT and want to see similar material, I would recommend Data Mining and Exploration.

Course descriptor


This course has a number of components:

Literature review

There will be an opportunity to do a literature review in an area of potential research interest. This literature review will be part of the overall mark for the project. The literature review should be about 3 to 4 sides of comments, and involve reviewing 3 to 5 primary papers and a handful of secondary papers.

Small Practical Project

In this project, you will apply data science methods of your choice to a real world data set. A list of suggested data sets will be posted for you to choose from, or you may suggest your own. You will produce a report of 4-5 pages explaining what analytic tools you used, why you chose them, and what results they produced. More detailed instructions for this project will be released in mid October. For a tentative timeline, please see the page about the small practical project.


This course will be assessed entirely on the basis of the literature review and the small practical project. Your mark will be on the basis of your literature review (30%), the report on the project (50%) and also on a presentation that you will give when the project is finished (20%).


The course schedule and slides will appear on the lectures page.

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