CS/SE Individual Practical (2011—2012)

The Computer Science/Software Engineering Individual Practical is a third-year undergraduate course.
It is not available to visiting undergraduate students, or to fourth-year undergraduate students and MSc students, who have their own individual projects.





Mid-semester feedback




Other materials


The course descriptor page gives further information about the course, including a syllabus and a list of learning outcomes.


This course runs in Semester 1.

Course Pacing

The School of Informatics has organised the 3rd year Semester 1 timetable to enable students to make better use of the 13 weeks allocated to the Semester. All Informatics 3rd year Semester 1 courses - except this one and the AI Large Practical - will require their last courseworks handed in by the end of Week 10 at the latest, and examining of these courses will take place at the end of Semester 2. This leaves Weeks 11-13 of Semester 1 free for completion of either this course or AILP.

Students are expected to pace their work on this course as follows:

Help / Assistance

Working Practices

Please take care to protect your own work from the inspection of others. Source code is precious: use chmod to protect files, and do not show your code to anyone else.

Stephen Gilmore, Stephen.Gilmore (@) ed.ac.uk

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