INFORMATICS 2 - Software Engineering - 2014/15


Course Description

Week 1 (No lecture Thursday)

Lectures: Software engineering overview [slides],

Required Readings: Suggested Readings: Tutorials No tutorials in week 1

Week 2

Tuesday Lecture: Requirements Specification [slides], Homework 1 description, [Homework 1 Handout] ,
[Example Requirements], [Requirements Template Document], [Requirements Specification Guide], [Requirements Checklist].

Thursday Lecture: Use cases, Use Case Diagram, and Checklists. [slides],
Installation instructions for the Papyrus tool on Eclipse 4.2, [Example Use Case], [Use Case Template Document].

Required Readings: Suggested Readings: First Tutorial:

Week 3

Tuesday Lecture: Worlds Machine Model, Fundamentals of Design, [slides].

Thursday Lecture: UML Class Diagrams [slides], Homework 2 Handout .

Suggested Readings:

Week 4

Tuesday Lecture: UML Sequence Diagrams and Collaboration diagrams , [slides].

Thursday Lecture: Activity Diagrams [slides], Design Patterns [slides].

Suggested Readings: Second Tutorial:

Week 5 (No lecture Tuesday)

Thursday Lecture: State Diagrams [slides], Architectural Design [slides], More on Design [slides].

Suggested Readings:

Week 6

Tuesday Lecture: Coding Standards [slides], Version control [slides].

Thursday Lecture: Testing Fundamentals. [slides], Black-Box Testing. [slides], White-Box Testing. [slides].

Suggested Readings: Third Tutorial:

Week 7

Lectures: Coverage Metrics , Quality. [slides], [handout]

Suggested Readings:
LAB week

Week 8

Lectures: Process , Maintenance and Deployment. [slides], [handout]

Suggested Readings:
Fourth Tutorial (Optional)

Week 9

Lectures: Quality, Security Engineering, Licensing, IP.

Required Readings: Suggested Readings:

Week 10 (No lecture Thursday)

Lectures: Summary.

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