Informatics 1. How to set up and use the newsgroup inf1

We now have our inf1 newsgroup set up. It will be used as the means to support students on questions, dealing with misconceptions, assignment issues. organisational issues, etc.

So far you have been sending your questions via e-mail and getting email answers, this might be confusing for many of you sometimes. We now have a more centralised service for this. So, from now on, PLEASE use the newsgroups instead.

HOW to configure it?

You are free to use any newsreader of your choice. There is one in the mozilla web browser available on DICE (go to window menu -> mail & newsgroups). If you ARE familiar with newsreaders, the server is [ ] and the newsgroup is [ eduni.inf.course.inf1 ]. If you ARE NOT familiar with newsreaders please refer to the 'Reading News' section of the 'Introductory Unix notes' that can be found here: Information for New Users.

Once again, for questions about the course materials, assignments and so on, the newsgroup is the place to go. Use your e-mail to contact directly a member of the teaching staff if your question requires a more personalised answer and/or the question is of no concern to the group.

If you have any questions about setting up or using the inf1 newsgroup, please contact the relevant Teaching Assistant.

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