Introductory Applied Machine Learning
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Lecturers: Victor Lavrenko and Nigel Goddard
TA: Boris Mitrovic

The goal of this course is to introduce students to basic algorithms for learning from examples, focusing on classification and clustering problems. This is a level 9 course intended for MSc students and 3rd year undergraduates.

For an overview of the planned course topics, see the Course Catalog entry and the 2011 introductory handout.


14:10-15:00 Mondays and Thursdays in Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 1

The first lecture is on Monday 15th September 2014 at 14:10.


Discussion Forum

Please sign up for the discussion forum. The forum will contain detailed lecture notes annotated with questions and answers. It is monitored by both lectures and the TA, so if you ask questions here, you are likely to get a much faster response than if you email the lecturers individually. (However, if you have issues that should be kept confidential, then of course please do email the course lecturers.)


There will be four equally-weighted assignments together worth 25% of the mark for the course. These will be released, and submissions due, according to the schedule that will be announced soon.

You are required to submit both an electronic copy and a manual copy to the ITO by the deadlines. The deadlines are strictly enforced.

Please read the Informatics policy on late submissions and plagiarism.


Tutorials will be in weeks 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Lab Classes

Labs will be in weeks 3,5,7 and 9.

Week-by-Week listing

(This list is subject to change.)

Week 1

Lectures: Introduction [slides], [handout], mathematical preliminaries [slides], [handout]
Tutorials No tutorials in week 1 (nor week 2)
Readings: Textbook chapters 1, 2
Mathematical preliminaries These Supplementary Mathematics notes are from the old Learning from Data course. They are more difficult than what we will need for IAML, but if you are happy with them you should have no problem with the IAML maths level.

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