Human-Computer Interaction

Semester 1 2016/2017

Monday 11:10-noon Lecture Theater 1, Appleton Tower
Thursday 11:10-noon Doorway 4, Teviot Place, Old Medical School

Location: Lecture Theater 1 Appleton Tower

MSc / Level 11 Official course descriptor

Lecturer: Dr. Kami Vaniea
To contact: kvaniea at (replace at with @)
Office: IF 5.23
Phone: 502870

This course runs in Semester 1. Lectures will be held as follows:

1.     19 Sep     Introduction and Principles
Slides: PDF
Short Reading: UMD: 67. Questionnaires
Long Reading: ID: Chapter 7.5
News: FTC disclosure evaluation research from the archives
Supplimentary: Survey handed out in class
2. 22 Sep Interviews, Questionaires, and Focus Groups
Slides: Book PDF slides
Short Reading: UMD: 43. Focus Groups
Short Reading: UMD: 48. Interviews
Long Reading: ID: Chapter 7.1-7.5
Optional Reading: UMD: 30. Diary Study
Supplimentary: Likert-Type Scale Response Anchors
3. 26 Sep Contextual Inquery
Slides: PDF, Handout
Short Reading: UMD: 20. Contextual Inquery
Long Reading: ID: Chapter 7.6
4. 29 Sep Modeling User Contexts
Slides: PDF, Handout
Short Reading: UMD: 2. AEIOU
Long Reading: ID: Chapters 8.4, 10.4
Supplimentary: Example of an professional-grade survey designed to test how inclusive a course is. The last section (p126-158) describes how to interpret the survey.
5. 3 Oct Think Aloud
Slides: PDF
Short Reading: UMD: 87. Think Aloud
Long Reading: DMMT: Chapter 9: Usability testing on 10 cents a day
Supplimentary: Guide to conducting Think-Alouds
6. 6 Oct Think Aloud
Slides: Think Aloud and Heuristics
Short Reading: UMD: 87. Think Aloud
Short Reading: UMD: 94. Usability Testing
Long Reading: ID: Chapter 15.2 Inspections: Heuristic Evaluation and Walkthroughs
7. 10 Oct Heuristics and Cognitive Walkthrough
Slides: PDF
Short Reading: UMD: 13. Cognitive Walkthrough
Short Reading: UMD: 46. Heuristic Evaluation
Short Reading: UMD: 93. Usability Report
Long Reading: ID: Chapter 15.2 Inspections: Heuristic Evaluation and Walkthroughs
8. 13 Oct Ethics
Slides: PDF
Long Reading: The Belmont Report
9. 17 Oct Personas and GOMS
Slides: PDF
Short Reading: UMD: 63. Personas
10. 20 Oct No Lecture, go work on your coursework
11. 24 Oct Interface Conceptualization
Slides: PDF
Long Reading: ID: Chapter 2
12. 27 Oct Human Capabilities
Long Reading: ID: Chapter 3
13. 31 Oct Prototyping
14. 3 Nov Interface Design
15. 7 Nov Interface Design
16. 10 Nov TBA
17. 14 Nov Guest Lecture TBA
18. 17 Nov Qualitative Data Analysis
19. 21 Nov Evaluation with Data
20. 24 Nov Evaluation with Data
21. 28 Nov Revision
22. 1 Dec Revision



HCI Tutorials

Tutorial groups are managed by the ITO, and will be announced soon.

Doodle poll to sign up for tutorial groups

Tutorials start in week 3. A worksheet will be issued before each tutorial. For tutorials were we are doing a hands-on activity you may be asked to think about a topic in advance or gather some experiences from your friends. For tutorials where we are going over example exam problems the problems will be posted in advance and the answers discussed during the tutorial.

  1. Affinity Diagram
  2. Think Aloud
  3. Personas
  4. Example exam question traditional tutorial
  5. Co-design
  6. Evaluate CW2 designs on each other
  7. Data analysis
  8. Example exam question traditional tutorial

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