Distributed Systems

Basic Information

Instructor: Rik Sarkar


  1. Assignment Deadline extended to November 10.
  2. No class or office hours on November 10.
  3. Assignment is announced
  4. First class is on Monday September 15.


  1. Introduction
  2. Algorithm basics
  3. Distributed minimum spanning trees
  4. Time and ordering of events.
  5. Clocks and ordering
  6. Global states and snapshots
  7. Predicates and Mutual Exclusion
  8. Communication and system models
  9. Assignment discussion
  10. Failure detectors and Leader Election
  11. Multicast and agreeement
  12. Termination, Operating Systems
  13. peer to Peer
  14. Localization
  15. Location based protocols
  16. coloring and maximal independent sets
  17. Security
  18. Review


Page Here.

Course structure

Final Exam: 75%. Coursework: 25% -- One assignment with programming and theory.

The assignment was given out on October 7 on this web page and will be due on November 10 at 4pm. Feedback will be available 3 weeks after due date.

FEEDBACK: Assignment scores and comments explaining deduction of marks. Assignment will be discussed in class. Please use that opportunity to evaluate your understanding.

Last year's web page.

Drps page for the course

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