Distributed Systems

Spring 2018.

Basic Information

Instructors: Time/place: Drps page for the course for more details.


  1. Coursework assignment is out on Assignment page.
  2. First class on January 16.


See Assignment page, Due March 27.

Lecture slides

  1. Introduction
  2. Time and Synchronisation
  3. Logical clocks and ordering. Lamport and vector clocks.
  4. Global states and snapshots.
  5. Comunication and models of distributed systems.
  6. Coloring and maximal independent sets.
  7. Gossip Algorithm and analysis.
  8. Leader election and Failure detection.
  9. Basic tree and flood algorithms: aggregation and broadcast.
  10. Termination detection.
  11. Distributed minimum spanning tree.
  12. Peer to peer systems.
  13. Ad-hoc and sensor networks.
  14. Distributed Consensus.
  15. Byzantine Agreement.
  16. Revision Slides 1.
  17. Revision Slides 2.
See Last year's web page for typical course contents.


  1. Ex 1. Clocks and concurrency.

Course structure

Final Exam: 75%. Coursework: 25%.

FEEDBACK: Assignment scores and comments explaining deduction of marks. Assignment will be discussed in class. Please use that opportunity to evaluate your understanding.

Last year's web page.

Drps page for the course.

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