Decision Making in Robots and Autonomous Agents

The lectures will be held at room LG.08 in David Hume Tower, between 11:10 - 12:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays
We will upload reading materials to this web page throughout the semester, aiming to make slides and readings available by the day before the lecture.

Lecture Slides and Handouts

Lecture content:
Assignments and Deadlines:
January 16
PDF Slides
January 19
Control: How does a robot stay "in place"?
PDF Slides (Preliminary Version)
Optional Reading 1: Ch. 2 and 3 in J.-J. Slotine, W. Li, Applied Nonlinear Control.
Optional Reading 2: B.J. Kuipers, S. Ramamoorthy, Qualitative modeling and heterogeneous control of global system behavior. In C. J. Tomlin and M. R. Greenstreet (Eds.), Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 2289, pp. 294-307, Springer Verlag, 2002.
January 23
Case Study: Sequential composition of robot behaviours
Reading: R. R. Burridge, A. A. Rizzi, D. E. Koditschek, Sequential composition of dynamically dexterous robot behaviors, Int. J. Robotics Research, Vol 18, Issue 6, pp. 534 - 555, 1999.
Optional Reading: J. Pratt, C.-M. Chew, A. Torres, P. Dilworth, G. Pratt, Virtual Model Control: An intuitive approach for bipedal locomotion, Int. J. Robotics Research, Vol 20, Issue 2, pp. 129 - 143, 2001.
January 26
Dynamic Programming principle: How should a robot go from "A to B"?
Term Paper topics announced
January 30
Stochastic system models: How should a robot reason about uncertainty?
February 1

Coursework 1 Assigned
February 2
Decision theory: How should a robot incorporate "preferences" and different notions of "choice"?
February 6
Case Study: Searching for a fallen aircraft in the oceans
February 9
Causality: How can a robot reason about cause and effect?
February 13
Game theory: How should robots reason about interactive decisions?
February 15

Coursework 1 Due (4 pm, hardcopy to ITO + electronic submission)
February 16
Case Study: Decentralized resource allocation and multi-robot systems
February 26

Coursework 2 Assigned
February 27
Worked Examples session
March 2
Q+A with TA: Coursework 2
March 6
Safety: Models of realiability and risk
March 9
Case Study: Safety in engineered systems
March 13
Security and Privacy in Robotic Systems
March 16
Explainability of models and policies
March 20
Bounded rationality and models of human behaviour
March 22

Coursework 2 Due (4 pm, hardcopy to ITO + electronic submission)
March 23
Student Presentations on Term Paper
March 27
Student Presentations on Term Paper
Term Paper Due (4 pm, hardcopy to ITO + electronic submission)

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