DMMR: Tutorial Sheets (which include Coursework questions)

Weekly tutorial sheet exercises are discussed in tutorial groups. The last exercise on each tutorial sheet is marked, and every student must submit the solution to the ITO by the due date for each week(see below). There will be 9 tutorial sheets in all. Each weekly marked question counts as (1/10)'th of the coursework mark, and the total coursework marks count as 15% of the overall mark. (The exam mark is the other 85%.)

Organization of coursework:

The first exercise sheet is available on Friday 19 September. Solutions (to the last question on the sheet) must be handed in on paper at the ITO by Wednesday 24 October, 4:00pm.
The second (and all further) exercise sheets will be available here every Wednesday at 2:00pm. Solutions (to the last question on the sheet) must be handed in on paper at the ITO by the following Wednesday at 4:00pm. (In particular, the second exercise sheet will be available on Wednesday 24 October.)
All other exercises are discussed during the tutorials. Graded coursework is returned to the students in the tutorial. Tutorial attendance is mandatory.

Tutorial out due Materials
Tutorial sheet 1: Logics and Proof techniques Friday 19 Sept Wednesday 24 Sept at 16:00 Tutorial Sheet 1 Solutions
Tutorial sheet 2: Sets and Relations Wednesday 24 Sept Wednesday 1 Oct at 16:00 Tutorial Sheet 2 Solutions
Tutorial sheet 3: Functions and Sequences Wednesday 1 Oct Wednesday 8 Oct at 16:00 Tutorial Sheet 3 Solutions
Tutorial sheet 4: Induction Wednesday 8 Oct Wednesday 15 Oct at 16:00 Tutorial Sheet 4
Tutorial sheet 5: Number theory Wednesday 15 Oct Wednesday 22 Oct at 16:00 Tutorial Sheet 5

Additional recommended exercises:

This list contains some suggestions for additional non-mandatory exercises for further study. These are not discussed in the tutorials. (Note that the page numbers in the actual printed textbook do not completely agree with the page numbers in the downloadable versions of chapters 1 and 2.)

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